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36  Female
United States
Last Visit: Sep 10, 13
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September 10
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Headline: seeking for the right man to love me
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Gender: Female
Lives In: , United States
I am Seeking a: Man
Age: 36
Seeking: Hang Out
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Marital Status: Single
Smoking: No
Drinking: Socially
Education: Graduate degree
Occupation: Talk About that later
My Interests:
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About Me
I consider myself to be a caring, loving, confident, smart, sweet, and very kind human being. I value honesty and good manners. I'm a very simple person but at the same time, I have style and presence. I respect good values and hard work. I do believe in true love, and the commitment that it takes while you are in one. I love to travel and have fun I'm passionate and loving.I believe that trust and open communication can prevent misunderstandings in a relationship and prevent pain, which I'm sure we all have experienced one or many times in a lifetime.

I am looking for
I'm not looking for perfection, but instead I'm looking for someone perfect for me. I'm ready to love someone. I want a person that I can talk to without words, that I can let myself go and feel protected and cherished I am not ready for any head games as i am tried of been deceived. I need a straight forward man that would understand me and also listen to me so we can talk things out and sort it our way. I'm looking for a serious relationship with someone special who can help make each day special, I have learn t to leave a very careful life and also been honest because i figured life is to short for any kind of dishonesty.

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