Hey :3 please, speak with me !


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Hey :3 please, speak with me !


About Me

Hello guys ! :D

I'm a French girl, actually living in Germany for one year because I wanted to speak German better (so I can speak French, English, German and a little bit of Japanese, I'm trying to learn it, but it's pretty hard to me, even if I'm working everyday, since I came back from Japan). I'm doing a History Master right now (last year), then I intend to go to England for one year, because History doesn't give anything as a job, and then do an International Relations Master (because I'd like to be able to work in Japan and live there). I'm crazy about Karuta. I'm only D kyû, but I really love this game. To me, it's really a sport and I love competitions. I love taking cards, because it makes me feel so good. I also love singing the poems and I'd like to be maybe the first foreign girl to officially read it (but I have to be B kyû :(). I love talking with people, making friends and laugh with them, but I'm not really interested to speak with webcam or microphone, sorry.

  • I am Seeking a: Man
    Seeking: Talk/E-mail
    Ethnicity: European
  • Marital Status: Single
    Education: Masters degree
    Occupation: History Student

I am looking for

I'm looking for Japanese people to improve my Japanese faster and faster :3 I gave myself only three years to speak fluently Japanese, so I don't have a lot of time :(

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