Just be freinds? (^-^)°


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  • 38 yr Female
  • Berlin Germany
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Just be freinds? (^-^)°


About Me

I am very shy. But I am interested much for Japan for several years. It's time to find new friends. I would be glad about an exchange. (^-^)b

Greetings from Germany :D

  • I am Seeking a: Man
    Seeking: Friends
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Marital Status: Single
    Education: Some college

My Interests:

Drawing, Photo, Kino, to travle, Animals, Anime, Manga,

I am looking for

Friendship to Japan

~ to learn the language and in a few years to visit the country.

~ Maybe I'll find new, nice people maybe even a boyfriend. ;)

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