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loloFR - 55 yr old   Single Man

French, nice looking, smart, thoughtful, easy going, respectful . I like listening and tchating I speak english and not the ...

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I m funloving guy

Jewon - 35 yr old   Single Man

I'm cool n humble to everyone around me. I m close and make fun at a same time....

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We can change the world

247James - 43 yr old   Single Man

Matured and relaxed,fun to be with but sometimes too straight.Love watching the news and also love music as well as reading b...

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I am friendly and talkative person

pikapikadaisuke - 31 yr old   Single Man

friendly and talkative.I like talking with new people especially from foreign country. I also like learning new language.So,...

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Hi, all

ginabottle - 46 yr old   Single Woman

Just be myself no matter where I am.....

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jaken - 51 yr old   Single Man

I am Japanese and skillful for computer and English....

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ubermax - 42 yr old   Single Man

Easy to talk to and friendly. I'm very patient and a good listener....

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tootallryan - 34 yr old   Single Man

An amazing guy who is adventurous and fun to be around. I am active and I love to be outdoors and see a lot of sights. I en...

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hey, can someone be my friend:(

sysrq - 32 yr old   Single Man

don't know:( doesn't have friends to tell me:( maybe boring,not so friendly,can't get a girlfriend,takes things easy,less c...

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Love can change the world

chiree - 48 yr old   Single Man

Peoples saying i`am too much kind...