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  • 48 yr Male
  • Invercargill New Zealand
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NZ guy looking for friends and more


About Me

Hey,honestly pretty much cruised through life and enjoyed the experiences and basically did what I wanted,made more than my fair share of mistakes,but haven't we all? I really have no regrets even the silly,dumb stuff I have done lol.Now I am a majority care solo father living the dream tbh,kids are amazing not just mine but all kids they have given me a new zest for life which I balance now between building the standard wealth accumulation life I should have started sooner but chose not too,also enjoying my passions and of course the kids interests and teaching as well as learning from them.I would say I am not really your normal type of guy abit of a contradiction I would honestly say.Passions are everything from following super rugby,NRL,horse racing (yes I have the occasional flutter) love being outdoors, and also just relaxing watching a show.I would say I am confident,passionate,smart not the greatest looking tho haha. I work part time in a unglamorous job as I prefer to spend time with my children also because I am my own boss.

So after that if you are still reading this.I also am abit of a contradiction. Shallow is because I am on a dating site where we look at pics and a heading before deciding to click on the person.So if I check your profile something about you appeals to me or draws me to check you out.I am opinionated because honestly it is better than being judgemental and opinions change. I believe I am smart,wise also a realist and a bit of a introvert so you would have to be more outgoing than me I believe otherwise we would do the stuff I always like to do,which wouldn't give us new experiences. I would say I am pretty content and happy with my life and who I am and where it is going,so honestly I don't need someone to raise my children or clean my house for me,yes I would appreciate the help if my partner wanted too,but it is my life and responsibility but would love to share it with someone special.

I know I am a good person,kind,caring,romantic,understanding,compassionate,accepting and honest as well as faithful.(All true)

Ok so if you don't think I am too weird,strange,crazy,ugly or too honest,feel free to message and ask whatever you like,I will always be honest..but I am sure I have scared every woman off..

  • I am Seeking a: Woman
    Seeking: Dating
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Marital Status: Separated
    Education: High school
    Occupation: Self-employed

I am looking for

A honest woman,seeking long term relationship which may lead to marriage,of course I would come to meet you but hope long term you would consider relocating to NZ.

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