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  • 43 yr Female
  • Guangzhou China
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About Me

she loves sleep till whenever wake up naturally;

She likes all bright colors, and wear dress with silver,blue, green. Recent these year, she also is interested in light grey and dark brown (-:

She has no resistance with spicy food, although she knows it brings red dots on her skinas well as Chocolate, she prefers with milk more than black.

She likes spending time freely and schedule works by herself. Yes, she enjoys working, but dislike the feeling that the things out of expect or with too much factors beyond control.

Sometimes she love stay with friends, and sometimes prefer alone, reading a novel romantic or Kongfu, quietly, with some coffee, tea and snacks. She hates to be interrupted when she is talking, but sometimes she realizes that she also interrupt others, she is trying to improve herself! (-:

She likes everything is simple, dislike to make things complicated.

She is straight and simple, and speak directly what she thinks, sometimes speak before think, then hurts people but she doesn't know (-:

She dislike ice cream due her teeth.

She is not gossip but not refuse to listen when people like to tell. (-:

Depences emotion, maybe she likes to create some new food style, SELDOM. (-:

P.S. NO one night stand, so pls far away if it is exactly what you want. Thanks!

P.P.S. If you are not ready for a serious relationship, pls far away. Thanks

  • I am Seeking a: Man
    Seeking: Marriage
    Ethnicity: Asian
  • Marital Status: Single
    Education: Some college
    Occupation: Marketing

My Interests:

Sport, reading, movies,

I am looking for

with age from 30 to 44 and I want to meet for Friendship, Romance or Marriage.

He is gentle, patient, and easy going, he loves children, would like to spend time with family. He loves outdoor sport. Faithful reliable and responsible, funny with a sense of humor

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  • Osmanturk

    Hi,I am interested in your profile. If you have time you can add me in wechat13889945137 is my Mobile numberI live near Guangzhou

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