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Someone to die for?Live for?

Nigga - 43 yr old   Single Man

I am an amateur singer,song writer. A fool who believes love is worth everything. Usually funny but sometimes very melancholi...

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Looking to meet interesting people.

pipwalker - 38 yr old   Single Man

Im an introvert who loves being social as im very communicative but end up spending most of my time alone busy inside my nerd...

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I am a real rocket scientist.

N.E.Solida - 28 yr old   Single Man

Unique and love to explore. I currently design launch vehicles. Most people say that I am a genius. I love learning about oth...

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A scientist, an illustrator, and a country boy

がぶりえる - 25 yr old   Single Man

A country guy who decided to learn japanese and linguistics for fun. I enjoy the sciences and anatomical illustration. I alwa...

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Hello one and All!

leaarong - 59 yr old   Single Man

African-American;black American] male, aged 55 with a lust for life and learning, and a desire to to know and meet new people...

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best friends

fudomyoo - 53 yr old   Single Man

Vegan, nonsmoker, nondrinker, into a clean healthy lifestyle. I do allot of cycling, motorcycle touring, snorkeling, hiking i...

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Ask me about Japan!

YutaHori - 27 yr old   Single Man

I'm a graduated student in Tokyo. My major is Biophysics. I'm interested in anime or movie. If you have any question about Ja...

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Start making new friend's

Timmetjuh - 34 yr old   Single Man

Hello there :D I find it so boring to tell everything here so people can read that. It is more fun to talk to each other ...

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RedHero - 25 yr old   Single Man

19 year old student interested in learning japanese...

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Happiness only real when shares ^_^

tyson92 - 28 yr old   Single Man

Good to hang out with. Have artistic tastes and have deep relation with nature....

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era0605 - 56 yr old   Single Man

Highly self disciplined and systematic yet make people laugh :))...