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kerimu 27 yr old   Single Man
Living in Osaka , Japan
Hi everyone, İ am currently living in Osaka to learn Japanese, I am Turkish, and I speak Turkish and English, I want to pract..
Aririn23 28 yr old   Single Woman
Living in Tokyo , Japan
Hello! My name is Aririn,living in Tokyo. I'm looking for person who teach me languages! English and other language:) By ..
AXLYONATAN 26 yr old   Single Man
Living in Shinmei , Japan
Discipline, Fast, Funny, Attractive, Talk passive, Gitarist, Lovely, Honest, Not Tall enougth, I can speak in English, Indone..
[email protected]@ 25 yr old   Single Woman
Living in Tokyo , Japan
Not full of myself, a little japanese crazy,dareing,stupid,funny,and I also dont judge how people look especially asians i th..
injoo 28 yr old   Single Woman
Living in Tokyo , Japan
私はインジュと申します。 今、日本に住んでいます。 7ヶ月ぐらいになりました。 22歳の韓国人です。そして、女の人です。 私は日本ドラマや映画などをよくみます。 また、日本についても興味がたくさんあります。 日本語で話しながら色々なことを..
Deejay12 27 yr old   Single Man
Living in Mito , Japan
I like traveling and seeing the sights; As well as, speaking Japanese, listening to music, being a musician, playing games, m..
makkoyaki 34 yr old   Single Woman
Living in Osaka , Japan
こんにちわ☆ 大阪(ミナミ)に住んでいます。 英語は少し?れます。 あと、スペイン語を勉?しようと思っています。 英語、スペイン語が?れる方、友達になりましょう☆ I can speak English a little bit a..
osema 22 yr old   Single Man
Living in kyoto , Japan
Hey i'm Osema i'm 21 years old i just moved to japan recently and am open to talk with new people and make new friends..
yoshio 29 yr old   Single Man
Living in Tokyo , Japan
I love aadfa enough to do my job. I'm an outgfgsd gaadfa aa dfdf fdfdfdfdd fdfdfdf dfdfdf fdfdfd fdfdfdf dafadfaf dfadfadf ..
Gaigin 35 yr old   Single Man
Living in Ina-Matsumato , Japan
I like to have more Japanese friends...
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