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25  Male
Quebec Canada
Last Visit: Sep 09, 14
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Headline: Canadian looking for japanese friends !
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MagicianMario's personal profile
Gender: Male
Lives In: Quebec , Canada
I am Seeking a: Woman
Age: 25
Seeking: Friends
Ethnicity: Native-American
Marital Status: Single
Smoking: No
Drinking: Socially
Education: Prefer Not To Say
Occupation: Programmer
My Interests: Magic, Piano, Programming, Cooking, Manga, Video Games,
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About Me
Easy to get along with. I tend to be interested in almost any subject and I like to talk with people. I'm good at what I love, which would be the piano, doing magic, cooking, playing video games and programming. I'm really passionate about the japanese culture and would love to know more ! I even speak a little bit of japanese.

I am looking for
Japanese girls to make friends with (or dating, but that isn't my main objective)

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