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30  Female
Tokyo Japan
Last Visit: Feb 19, 14
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February 19
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Headline: New friends !
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Melie's personal profile
Gender: Female
Lives In: Tokyo , Japan
I am Seeking a: Man
Age: 30
Seeking: Friends
Ethnicity: European
Marital Status: Married
Smoking: No
Drinking: Socially
Education: Masters degree
Occupation: None currently. French teacher occasionally
My Interests: Politics, culture, arts, littérature, music…,
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About Me
Funny and friendly. I like humor a lot, and I think a smile is always better to a grumpy face, isn't it ? I can be a little shy, but I really enjoy fun times with friends.

I am looking for
Mostly friends. We can simply e-mail, hang out if the feeling is okay :). I moved to Tokyo a few months ago and I would like to create new friends (I speak poorly japanese though I am learning). About tastes, I am not sure it matters a lot though, I like cats a lot (who doesn't ?) books, old movies… I like shops too, though I am not shopping so much. :) see you !

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