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50  Male
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July 22
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Headline: gianluis
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Gender: Male
Lives In: , Italy
I am Seeking a: Woman
Age: 50
Seeking: Long-term
Ethnicity: European
Marital Status: Single
Smoking: Occasionally
Drinking: Socially
Education: Bachelors degree
Occupation: Doctor of International Law and Business Law
My Interests: Maybe you're the most precious gift that the angels want to give,
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About Me
People say to me, l'm a man commendable, intelligent, refined, cultured, attractive and romantic.

I am looking for
Kind and gentle lady, good morning with a beautiful smile that lights up your heart and your day. Your profile published on the website and your face, has brightened my day, and perhaps, in finding you a new infinite??, and a word to say his name?? You can not imagine how much pleasure they gave me your sweet and tender words published on your site. The splendor of your expressions written on your site, reveal your true class of a special woman. I sensed in your written words, sincerity, and you teach me, that sincerity is to put the good of the other before any other good of their own. You, are the most precious gift that angels could give me. Your written words seem simple, instead, they are deep and intense, I collect as flowers in bloom, placing them with your name in the garden of my heart, where I would like to tattoo your name! I would like to be the hand that protects you - something that I have never been able to do with anybody, and with you instead of me is as natural as breathing. Before God, I tell you, that in my subconscious, I was waiting, and today, are a reality. Thank you for existing! If you feel the soul write me directly to - [email protected] -, and it will be the most beautiful gift of your soul. I do not want to fall asleep for fear that when I wake you to disappear. I would like to write for you, a new book of poems, to praise your beauty and splendor of your soul and your heart pure and noble. I think, that you, you are a magnificent creature of a woman… who knows how to implement the sincerity, honesty, intensity and depth of my expressions, and feel that it is not a game, but a magnificent and sublime reality. It would be a grace of heaven, and it would be great to have a woman as e like you, as a friend, companion, lover, move, confidant and accomplice. I am happy to talk to you a summary of me:

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