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28  Male
San Diego United States
Last Visit: Apr 05, 11
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October 08
October 08
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Headline: Greetings ^___^~!!
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Garuda1's personal profile
Gender: Male
Lives In: San Diego CA, United States
I am Seeking a: Woman
Age: 28
Seeking: Long-term
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Marital Status: Single
Smoking: No
Drinking: No
Education: Some university
Occupation: Student, job hunting
My Interests: Computing, chatting, video games, learning, socializing,
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About Me
Im Chris, 19 years old, will be 20 in december O-O, looking for my special someone. I dont go out much, but I'd like to, Im a patient guy, with lots of love to give. Currently a student looking for a job as well, would like to meet someone i may share from friendship to love. If you want to know more message me *-*

Anyways Im not the usual type of guy. Im not that good at describing myself possibly because I dont like to but here goes for more. Im laidback, prefering to stay home usually, but Ive been feeling a need to get out and be active, to go outdoors, however Id love to have someone to do that with, to share new experiences and new places. I dont have a car so if thats a priority to you then its best you know now, I dont want to disapoint. I can get around though, and Im always on time x3 I value loyalty, morals, common sense, happiness, and respect above all else since it is the foundation of longlasting meaningful relationships. I believe Im old fashioned, Ive never drinked alcohol, smoked, or done any kind of drugs and I never plan on doing so. Id like it if my future special someone had these healthy habits as well ^__^ Id like to start being more active as well as exercising more and Id love to have someone to keep me company as its way more fun than doing it alone x3 If you give me your heart, then mine is yours, as well as all my love and adoration. However I dont let anyone take advantage of me and I have a strong will, pride, and morals. Basically just treating me right, since I will certainly treat you right! ^o^

I am looking for
Someone near me or who is willing to move near my location, being asian is a big plus but if youre not then that isnt a problem at all ^__^ Someone nice, inteligent, cute, at least a little fit, considerate, respectful, and decent :)

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