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I-VALUE-FRIENDSHIP 37 yr old   Single Man
Living in boston , United Kingdom
I-Value-Friendship state/province: lincolnshire city: boston current country: United Kingdom United Kingdom home country..
manxman 64 yr old   Single Man
Living in Douglas , United Kingdom
I am an Ex-serviceman and Civil Servant I love Music, Films, and information computer Technology. I would love to find a Japa..
Nillan 28 yr old   Single Woman
Living in Newmarket , United Kingdom
I want to practice japanese and make new friends. Live in UK but am from Sweden. ..
kangoshi 37 yr old   Single Woman
Living in Colchester , United Kingdom
I am a Spanish nurse working and living in the UK. I am trying to learn Japanese on my own at home...
al_w1 66 yr old   Single Man
Living in lydd , United Kingdom
I am very easy going and friendly. I am also kind and glad to help other people when they in need. I am patient and calm and ..
Its_Auto 34 yr old   Single Man
Living in Seaham , United Kingdom
Hi! I'm a single mature student currently gearing up to study a degree in Marine and Freshwater biology at University. I curr..
birumaki 55 yr old   Single Man
Living in London , United Kingdom
I have a good sense of humour and that I am patient with people. At the moment I am studying for a degree at university and ..
AlexWolf 26 yr old   Single Man
Living in Wakefield , United Kingdom
My name is Josh and I am a amateur writer and I would love to publish the novel I am working on. I am interested in meeting ..
Anthony118 26 yr old   Single Man
Living in Dumfries & Galloway , United Kingdom
From UK (Scotland). Doing a part-time course on English literature. I like to learn as much as I can about history and differ..
AlexRandyColeman 48 yr old   Single Man
Living in Soke on Trent , United Kingdom
I am straight and down to earth person, i want a life time partner, somebody that understand what love and life is all about...
buffster 26 yr old   Single Woman
Living in london , United Kingdom
heart warming inspiring encouraging lovely..
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