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RiverBoaterGuy - 62 yr old   Single Man

I am a Christian man (Lutheran) and my faith and attending church regularly are important parts of my life and keeps me stron...

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Im looking for good friedship

sophie8pie - 52 yr old   Single Woman

nice and kinda cute!...

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looking for friends

dkhoon - 35 yr old   Single Man

hi i'm dk. i live in OC fullerton. i'm looking for friends. please be my friends. ...

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외로움은 죄가 아니다.

altarboy - 40 yr old   Single Man

성실하고 추진력 있고, 인상 좋다는 말 많이 듣습니다. 한사람에 충실합니다. 책임감 있고. 자신의 말에 책임을 지려 합니다. ...

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golden82 - 36 yr old   Single Man

Hi^^Nice to meet you....

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오렌지카운티 편한 친구 해요.

tonypga - 49 yr old   Single Man

편안하고 남을좀 배려해줄줄 아는사람이라던데 만나보면 알겠지요. ...

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NO game players please only locals

Romance1on1 - 48 yr old   Single Man

I'm easy going, caring, affectionate down to earth, responsible, family oriented and helping others when I can...

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kennyhkd - 36 yr old   Single Man

I wanna meet and play with you. what about me? play with me!! (( )) (( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) I am a cool guy! please meet and play...

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Smile/ be happy/w soulmate

manogi - 38 yr old   Single Woman

Christian Nice and Kind love coffees and movies...

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Good to see you!

sylvania - 54 yr old   Single Man

Good ....

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How are you?

Lakoji - 45 yr old   Single Man

an athletic type of guy, and easygoing Japanese citizen....